It is the wee small hours. I am typing this on my phone, so there may be errors.

Fast forward a handful of years.

My SO is fast asleep next to me.


Snoring stupidly loudly.

This is the fourth time this week that I have been woken by heavy snoring activities.

I’ve been lying here trying to analyse what happens when I’m woken up by such awful noise.

I get frustrated.

I get annoyed.

I take it personally.

And finally, after an hour or so, I get really angry.

Say something, you may advise.

Wake up the snorer, you may think.

I do.

I have done both.

My SO gets defensive.

Assumes a mental posture that is borderline combative.

And says things that make me feel selfish.

Because I don’t want to be alone in the bed.

I don’t want them to flounce downstairs in to the cold, to sleep on the settee.

And I don’t want to feel bad about just mentioning that I got three hours sleep, on four different nights this week.

I’m exhausted.

But I don’t know what to do.