While My Guitar Gently Weeps

There is a two-day music festival this weekend, down on the Cotswolds, in North Oxfordshire.

It’s not the kind of festival that would be graced by the local glitterati; it’s a free music festival.

Yes, that’s right. A free music festival!

I’ve been before; two or three times (five, actually).

I’ve even played guitar on a very inconsequential stage during a day-time slot. This sentence says more about the level of expertise of the band I played with at that time, than about anything else.

But that’s not what this thought-dump is about.

I would like to go to the aforementioned, two-day free music festival.

But there is me and there is her and there are her two girls.

It would mean, if we went for the two days, camping. In a field. Overnight. Actually, the distance between here and there is so great that it would, in all likelihood, mean staying out for the first night anyway.

And in the festival world, staying out overnight means camping.

Unless we don’t?

Another unless is ‘unless we don’t go’…

The weather forecast for the weekend is awesome.

The list of bands is brilliant, but Saturday night’s schedule has a couple of ‘must see’ names.

And I’d like to must see them all.

Money (that’s what I want)

Weirdest of things just happened.

I told you that five months ago I changed jobs?

Well I’ve gone freelance. I operate through my own limited company, but I’m just another self-employed person in the gig economy (sortov).

So I just had a text from my company bank. The text said:

A payment or load received for your account has exceeded your maximum balance limit. Call us immediately or it will be refunded to the payers account

Yes, that’s right. There is too much money in my limited company bank account, so if I don’t take some out pronto, they’re going to bounce back the £2k that was credited to the account today.

That’s messed up, right?

Anyway, I’ve taken £2.5k out which should stop today’s credit from being returned.

And I’ve launched an account application with another bank. One who doesn’t have such a rule.

Caught in a trap

I realise I’ve fallen in to a routine which goes something like this:

Be busy and don’t blog
Find a little time and reminisce
Indulge heavily in memories of past relationships
Blog about them

And rinse and repeat

So I need to break the cycle.


I’m still in the same relationship. Just. By the skin of my teeth

We’ve had a couple of nearly moments, where we nearly split up.

I’ve been a bit of an idiot, a couple of times. I haven’t ‘done’ anything. I’ve just been idiotic.

She’s been over-reacting.

And we had a couple of nearly times.

What else?


Very little really.

Oh yes. I changed jobs.

My last job was killing me (actually killing me) and since I’ve changed, five months ago, I’m sleeping at night, I’m more relaxed, I’m more in tune with ‘me’, and I’m very happy.

I think that’s it really.


She’s still gorgeous-looking but prickly at times.

She’s lost a massive amount of weight (just over a stone!).

She doesn’t trust me (in terms of faithfulness only). Which is ridiculous because I have been scrupulously faithful.

And that’s really it really.

Stick around. I’ll try to be more frequent.