Fishing in the same old pool

The trouble with PoF is that it is not the deep end of the dating pool.

Yes, there might be Plenty of Fish, but if you are PoFing then you are dipping your hook pretty close to the surface of a murkily-shallow, weed-clogged pool of stagnant, smelly water.

I’ve had some interesting encounters via PoF, and had some lovely dates with very beautiful people.

But I’ve narrowly dodged some PoF people you just wouldn’t want to meet at a party at your best friend’s house.

No, I wouldn’t want to snog you, let along have a relationship with you, especially as being in the same room as you makes my skin itch.

That kind of people.

The trouble is the different classes of dating websites just give you different classes of fish (to keep the analogy going).

They’re the same. But different.

A better class of person you wouldn’t want to meet at a party at your best friend’s house.

That kind of thing.

I haven’t been fishing (or any other kind of date-searching) for five years.

But I hear my colleagues, and my friends talk to me about their experiences, and say ‘You’re so lucky, it wasn’t like this when you were last on the market’.

And they’re so wrong. It was like this.

It was also like this in the pre-internet days, when we’d spend our Friday or Saturday evenings in various wine bars, looking for the one.

The one!

That’s a conversation for another time.

But in the meantime I’ll just say that I’m glad I’m not fishing.

I do wonder what’s out there, in those pools.

But I’m glad I’m not fishing.