Money (that’s what I want)

Weirdest of things just happened.

I told you that five months ago I changed jobs?

Well I’ve gone freelance. I operate through my own limited company, but I’m just another self-employed person in the gig economy (sortov).

So I just had a text from my company bank. The text said:

A payment or load received for your account has exceeded your maximum balance limit. Call us immediately or it will be refunded to the payers account

Yes, that’s right. There is too much money in my limited company bank account, so if I don’t take some out pronto, they’re going to bounce back the £2k that was credited to the account today.

That’s messed up, right?

Anyway, I’ve taken £2.5k out which should stop today’s credit from being returned.

And I’ve launched an account application with another bank. One who doesn’t have such a rule.