Let’s talk?

A friend dropped me an email and instantly we moved into a conversational ping-pong, catching up on each other’s lives (and everything that’s happened to us) since we were last in heavy contact four years ago.

Girlfriends (me), boyfriends (her), work (both of us), family (her), cats (me), and many other topics.

Oh, in the last four years we’ve had the odd interaction on FB, the odd ‘like’ on a photo, and a few words here or there, but nothing that really amounted to a conversation.

Or a good old natter.

And I do enjoy, at times, a good old natter with friends.

I do wonder, as a result of the way it presents information, if FB killing conversation? That’s an interesting thought.

But what is the peculiarity about me that I find it so easy to slip into an animated email conversation with a friend I haven’t really ‘spoken to’ for almost a handful of years, yet don’t do the same kind of email conversation with the person with whom I live?

Is it just me? Or is that a common behaviour?